Piling Services

Piled foundations offer cost-effective, safe and robust foundation solutions for a variety of temporary and permanent work applications. The most common case of where piled foundations are employed is on sites that have poor ground conditions or special considerations.

A typical example of where you should consider piled foundations would be on a site with Clay soils that are subject to the influence of large mature trees. In this instance, you would need to use very deep and expensive trench-fill foundations which have the added risks from deep excavation working.

An engineered pile and ground beam solution will facilitate a quicker and more robust solution without the need for deep open excavations. Further benefits result in reduced risks associated with working within close proximity to existing properties or neighbouring buildings.

With a fleet of piling rig options, Piled Solutions Ltd can cater for all sites and ground conditions. Our mini piling rigs will fit into the smallest of back gardens or even internal restricted access sites, while our larger rigs are comfortable working away on open developments.

We can offer design and installation services for the following piled solutions:

SFA Piling (Segmental Flight Auger)

SFA is mini grout piling used on smaller tighter sites where the soils are granular, water-based Clay or Chalk. A hollow stem rotating auger is used to drill through the soft granular material to the designed depth and then a grout mix is pumped down through the hollow stem augers filling the pile with a cementitious grout as the augers are being extracted.

Once all augers are out of the ground and all lose debris and material have been removed from around the pile area, a steel reinforcement cage is pushed into the wet grout to complete the formation of the SFA pile.

Driven Cased Piling

Driven steel cased piling offers advantages over SFA piles, as they are clean and tidy resulting in less mess, while the lightweight casings are very manageable on site. The pile casings come in different diameters to suit the design load requirements.

Driven cased piles are normally used where the underlaying soils are soft. An internal drop hammer is used to drive the lightweight casing into the ground and stopped once a solid set is achieved. After the casing is installed the reinforcement is placed into the casing and filled with concrete.

Open Bore Piling

Open bore piling is suited for cohesive soils such as Clay, Chalk and some Sandy materials. Rotating augers are used to form an open bore hole down to design toe level. Once the required depth has been achieved, a steel reinforcement cage is lowered into the open bore, and the pile is then filled with concrete.

We have a variety of different sizes of open bore machines to suit the larger sites with good access, but also have a variety of mini piling rigs for those tight access sites such as when working within an existing structure, or on an extension within a client’s back garden.

CFA Piling (Continuous Flight Augers)

CFA piling utilises the same installation principle as SFA, but CFA employs a concrete fill instead of grout. CFA rigs are bigger and better suited to larger sites where they can work continuously.

These larger piling rigs are also fitted with specialist pressure systems which monitor and record pile diameters, depths, drill rates and concrete volumes. We find that this additional level of information is often useful for regulators such as building control.